The History of Cowboys and their Belt Buckles


Before getting in your car—or mounting your horse for that matter—to buy that new Western-style belt buckle you heard about, why not indulge in some interesting background story of how your favorite buckles came about in the cowboy world?

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This is your one-stop blog to finding out all there is to know about your favorite Western buckles and how they arrived on the scene!

Before belt buckles became a cultural phenomenon, suspenders were the item of choice for cowboys. Back in the 1800s, suspenders amalgamated the properties of durableness, sturdiness and functionality in just one item. This came in handy as cowboys needed to tend to their ranches and animals as well as work under the sun all day. However, if there’s anything suspenders lacked, it was the chic look one may want.

The mass production age hadn’t really hit until after the Civil War era (1861-1865).

Hence, buckles were not in as much demand as they are now. In fact, belt buckles, especially the Western-style ones didn’t come into play until in the 1920s! What was used instead were friction belt buckles. These sturdy items were made of brass and after being mass produced became widespread in the cowboy universe.

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By the 1950s, Western-themed cowboy belt buckles had taken the world by storm. Iconic Hollywood movies featured the West and promoted the cowboy image as rugged, intense and hard to impress.

In fact, Hollywood left no stone unturned in getting the audience raving about the casual yet uber cool demeanor of your typical cowboy. So much so, actual cowboys; previously occupied with functionality, started mirroring the themes in these movies.

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Today, Western belt buckles come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular ones, however, remain large chunky buckles with embellishments and engravings. Classic belt buckles are all the rage these days as the personality of a true cowboy can never be standardized. In addition, trophy belt buckles let individual achievements be forever cherished.

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