Make Her Smile—Black Hills Gold as the Perfect Gift for All Occasions!


Delicate hearts pendants, glittering ring designs and gorgeous leaf accents—these are the things that  come to mind when one thinks of Black Hills Gold jewelry. There are no two opinions on this—if you are looking for an unforgettable gift for the woman in your life, a Black Hills Gold creation is the best way to go.

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend. Our collection of timeless pieces is suitable for all occasions and will make any woman jump with joy!

Necklaces and Lockets

When it comes to the perfect jewelry to gift her, you can never go wrong with a Black Hills Gold necklace. From simple gold necklaces featuring the iconic Black Hills leaf design to glamorous heart pendants with rose gold accents, you can find it all.


Gold Watches

That special woman in your life deserves some pampering! Gift her a piece that is classy, traditional and bedazzling at the same time. Black Hills gold watches are handcrafted with the finest quality workmanship. These gorgeous pieces are complete with lifetime warranty.


Bracelets highlight the feminine side of women’s jewelry and are the ideal gift to offer. They are versatile yet meaningful. From our collection, you can easily find trendy designs for her.

If you are looking to symbolize the special bond you two share, check out our link bracelets. If you want a fun piece of jewelry, why not opt for Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold butterfly bracelet? Its leaf and grade accents make for a fine gift for any occasion.

Fashion Rings

It is impossible not to appreciate the aesthetic appeal and intricate designs of Black Hills Gold rings. Whether it’s for your wife, mother or sister you find a spectacular item in our ring collection.

Our collection includes but is not limited to beautiful ladies’ wedding bands complete with rose gold and green leaf accents as well as diamond horseshoe rings that you can get for her and for yourself!



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Make her Smile with Black Hills Gold

Gold Mountain Trading offers Landstrom’s Original Black Hills Gold creations in unique handcrafted designs. Our captivating pieces are the pride of skilled artisans with 130+ years of experience. Whether you select a Black Hills Gold locket, ring, or watch, there is one thing you can count on—she will fall in love with it!

We offer a variety of products from Western jewelry to customized belt buckles, from Minnetonka moccasins to hats.

Contact us today by visiting our website or calling at (800)474-9111.

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