Make It Your Own! 3 Reasons to Get Customized Belt Buckles


It’s a Tuesday and you feel frustrated to be wearing the same old ratty buckle. It’s time for a change!

People take belt buckles lightly. They are just to keep your pants up, right? Wrong.  Belts tie your overall look together and their impact cannot be underestimated.

If you feel like your wardrobe leaves something to be desired, invest in a custom-made buckle to let your uniqueness shine and stand out from the rest.

Here we have 3 solid reasons for you to go all out and add some creativity to your belt buckles!

Western Pride

It’s no secret that a true Wild Wild West fan walks tall and proud everywhere they go. Your love for all things Western is put on bold display for the world to see!

Texans enjoy a rich heritage, endless beauty and of course, finger lickin’ good barbeque! Why not put your feelings on display for all to see? A customized belt buckle will do just that for you, and more. It will be your own unique message—one that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Our figure buckles are crafted from your illustration. Our master crafters have the precision you want and spin designs in pewter, gold, silver, brass or copper.

Celebrate Your Love for Rodeo

There is no man on Earth who wouldn’t love to show off his achievements.

Dubbed America’s fastest growing sport professional bull riders enhance their swag with custom-made buckles. If you are a bull riding champion like Cody Teel or Cole Echols, Gold Mountain trading has buckles you wouldn’t be able to wait to get your hand on!

Our PBR buckle collection is one of the finest in the country. From gear edge buckles to diamond trim buckles—you name it, and we’ve got it.

So whether you want to pay homage to your favorite rider or want to show the world what you’ve got—we can create a custom design that sits right with you.

Business Branding

If you feel like you work for the best of the best, why not make your company’s brand bolder than the others? Go ahead and bask in all your hard-earned glory. You deserve some love and recognition.

If you want to create a custom buckle featuring your company logo or brand, we are here for it. Not only is it a classic Texas tradition, it shows people that you take your business seriously.

Represent your brand and create a custom belt buckle design that makes a statement.


Gold Mountain Trading offers heirloom quality, handcrafted custom belt buckles. From spectacular trophy belt buckles to multi-finish designer buckles, we have it all.

Our range of quality products includes uber comfortable Minnitonka moccasins, Western themed hats and t-shirts and a lot more.

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