Custom-Designing Belt Buckles – What You Need to Know


Pearl-snap plaid shirts, straight-fit jeans, and leather hats may all be trending, but custom designed belts are never going out of style.

Custom belt buckles are always going to be there—you can wear them for life and then pass them down to the next generation, making it more valuable for whoever dons it next.

But let’s face it; a large PBR belt buckle in Alpine may not be the best option for a Dallas accountant. But keeping the trophy buckle design in mind, there are plenty of things you can do to create an all-day custom designed buckle.

Here are a few things you should know:

The Type

The ‘trophy’ part refers to buckle features that say ‘Texas’, which is often the preference of cowboys or those looking to rock one for an event.

customised belt buckles

But if you’re an ordinary person who wants a belt buckle designed with similar features, you can go for a horseshoe or even a Ranger style buckle. Such buckles come in 3 to 4 pieces with two loops that keep the buckle together.

The Design

Before you place the order, you need to choose from a range of metals—gold, sterling silver, bronze or steel.

Next, you need to choose the design and any embellishments which could range from jewels and plenty of other insets. But considering the fact that a silversmith may have to spend more than 150 hours on one belt buckle, be patient.

More importantly, be prepared for a practically priced bill since the man hours put in along with cost of materials can be costly.

The Style

So it all boils down to the style—whether you like the product you end up with, or not.

What will you wear along with the custom belt buckle? There’s a rule to this—the smaller the buckle, the dressier you should be.designer belt buckle

You can also ask the silversmith to screw the buckle onto the belt for easy transferability when the belt wears out. However, most custom trophy belt buckles have a snap on clip.

Also, to make the belt buckle last long, treat it like your favorite tea set. Give it a buff once every month and it will stay the same for years!

At Gold Mountain Trading, we let clients create some of the most delicate, handcrafted, custom belt buckles. Get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can help you create your favorite all day trophy belt buckle.

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