3 Timeless Accessories Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe

While every man agrees that accessories add flavor to clothing, even the best of accessories cannot do much for a poor foundation.

Before we get down to it—discussing the accessories you can’t and shouldn’t do without, stick these basic rules for accessories to your heart:

  • Even the most spirited accessories wouldn’t be able to do much for you if you don’t pair them right.
  • Going for quality is the first priority but value—historical, religious or in any other form—makes any accessory special.
  • Use every accessory you purchase and use it often.
  • Function and style, both come first. Neither of these should come in second.

A Leather Hat

Man wearing hat

It takes courage to wear a hat. In fact, anything you know would set you apart from the rest does take some extent of courage to don.

Think about the upsides. A hat can protect your chrome dome from UV rays, keep the rain off from your head, and of course, keep those bad hair days from making you feel conscious—all this while making you come off macho!

Consider leather hats a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.

Leather Moccasins

Let’s agree on this, most of us men like to refer to moccasins as the slip-ons made from one piece of leather. But that’s not all there’s to them.

With men raving about business casual and many pulling off styles and pairings we might’ve never thought of before, moccasins are in for the long run!

Pair them with anything you look, a skinny pair of jeans, a pair of slim-fit dress pants and even your favorite pair of beach shorts! The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes them a must have on this list.

A Brown Leather Belt and A Range Of Belt Buckles

Black leather belts—all of us have them and all of us would agree that at belt bucklessome point in time, they’ve made us come off as boring. Add in a brown leather belt to your wardrobe; also, a range of fully custom belt buckles.

Why the large, handcrafted custom buckles? We’re talking about making you an alpha male in your group and to make that possible, you need to go big when it comes to buckles. Montana Silversmith belt buckles are the best when it comes to making a statement.

When it comes to accessorizing your outfit, never compromise on quality. Don’t forget that accessories are supposed to differentiate you from the rest of the men.

From custom belt buckles to leather hats, everything is available at Gold Mountain Trading. Give us a call at 800-474-9111 to learn more about placing orders, shipping or your favorite products!

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