Western-Style Gifts for Your Classic Western Man

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Being a fan of those rustic western movies, your man would obviously have a style of his own, one that’s more in tune with the rugged attitude and fashion of those gun-slinging heroes who’d save the village in the end— and look good while doing it!

With such a man by your side, it only stands to reason that they receive the best gifts for their special day that would appeal to the western enthusiast in them!

Gifts for the Classic Western Man

· Moccasins

Comfortable and stylish, moccasins can be either worn around the house, or with any stylish outfit when going out. Elegantly designed, these shoes are a great choice for men who need to be on their feet during the day.

· Custom Belt Buckle

Get your man a high quality belt buckle that’s custom-made to their preference. Check and see if they have a family symbol, or an insignia that’s a part of their life i.e. a college logo. Or do something different and celebrate a personal victory by having the buckle carved with a statement of their achievement. Whatever your choice may be, a custom belt buckle will not steer you wrong.

· Fringed Boots

Are you really a cowboy though, if you don’t have those classic fringed boots to go along with your jeans, plaid shirt and cowboy hat? Even if your man has a selection of boots, they could always use more. Fringed boots are available in a range of colors (and at affordable prices) at Gold Mountain Trading so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

· Western Hats

Even if your man has everything related to the western style in their wardrobe, they’d still be grateful if you gift them a classy cowboy hat. Available in felt, straw and leather, you’ll be able to choose from a fine selection of western hats that would definitely go with any style.

· Jewelry

This is a great choice if your man likes to add a bit of bling to their style. However, if they don’t like something too out there, you could always go with a simple Humanity bracelet. Inscribed with the virtues that make our world a better place, this simple but beautiful bracelet in fine pewter is a meaningful, sweet gift that they’ll cherish for a long time.

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