Becoming John Wayne – How to Complete the Classic Cowboy Look

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Copying the look of the quintessential, All-American dreamboat that was John Wayne is not an easy task. With his cool macho look, swaying gait and energetic spirit, John Wayne could carry off any style he pleased, which is probably why so many people consider him as a style icon, even in the modern minimalist fashion era.

But there wasn’t much involved in making him look like the rugged cowboy he was to begin with. All you need is the right wardrobe, style and the confidence to pull off your own embodiment of the Duke!

Here’s what you need

A Classic Jacket

A rustic style jacket would do just the trick. You could try a tweed or corduroy jacket, since that is what the Duke usually wore. Easy to find, and available in a number of textures and styles, these jackets are super comfortable and would fall in your price range. Try to avoid the western-style coats that you might find in your general western clothing stores. They’re usually of poor quality and outdated in terms of style so there’s really no point in buying such a jacket.

Small-Print Shirt

In the olden days, people would usually wear full-sleeve shirts with tiny patterns, alongside solid colored shirts, so there are no worries about sticking with just one style. You can go with either style. But try to mix and match with the size of the patterns. If you’re going with a corduroy jacket that has a big pattern, pair it with a solid color shirt, or one with small pattern so it doesn’t clash.

Pants, Not Jeans

High-waisted pants are a great option, rather than jeans. With the newer styles, you’ll find many pants that are designed with the same cut as a good pair of jeans. However, if you’re not a fan, it’s okay to go with your old pair of denim. Just make sure that they’re plain and not distressed. Nothing like a pair of jeans with fake wear-and-tear to ruin the look!

Custom-Made Belt Buckle

This subtle form of fashion is an absolute must-have for any John Wayne fan. A pinnacle of subtle western style, the custom belt buckle can either be designed to have a family insignia engraved on it. Or you could go another way and wear a trophy buckle. Whichever you choose, make sure it doesn’t overpower the rest of your look.

The Classic Hat

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John Wayne would usually wear gray or silver western hats. After all, black hats were only worn by the bad guys. Silver or gray hats tend to look better on those with a ruddier complexion. If you have a paler complexion or yellow skin tone, you could do well with a black hat as well.

Cowboy Boots

Caramel-colored fringed boots to be exact. Moccasin boots tie the whole look together and are really comfortable to wear. Just be sure to buy the right size and a simpler design so it doesn’t clash with your overall attire.

Completing the Look

Last but not the least, if you truly want to be authentic to John Wayne’s style, buy the Replica John Wayne Pistol Frame Set. The details and quality of these pieces make them well-worth the price!

And there you have it! Follow the above details and you’ll surely be able to pull of the classic John Wayne look!

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