Dress Like a Real Western Cowboy in 5 Easy Steps

cow boy

Every American kid dreams of being a cowboy. As the quintessential role models for strong men who’d save the day and ride off into the sunset, these men were brave and awesome, not to mention stylish.

Since you’re dressing as a cowboy, it’s important that you do all you can to look just as stylish as well. After all, you’re going to be filling in some big shoes!

Here’s how you can pull off the perfect look:

Five Steps to Dressing like a Cowboy

1. Get the Ideal Cowboy Hat

You’ll have a lot of options when buying cowboy hats such as leather, straw and felt hats. Price wise, straw are less expensive than felt hats.

So if you’re going for a felt hat, always buy one from a reputable company. If you’d rather not spend so much on a felt hat, go with the classic straw or leather hat. Just make sure that you have the right fit.

You’ll have a chart available for size, but if you’re still confused about your size, simply contact the hat maker and ask them to explain how you should measure your noggin.

2. Classic-Style Boots are Important

cowboy shoes

Fringed boots are quite popular if you’re looking for a good option.

Find boots that have a flat heel and a square or round toe, whichever one’s more comfortable. You can get tall riding heels but they may be less practical if you’re going to walk more than ride.

With boots as well, you’ll be spoilt for choice and won’t have to worry about your budget either. If you shop from Gold Mountain Trading, you’ll be able to buy comfortable, fashionable boots under $100.

3. Be Creative with Your Belts

Belts are an important accessory for any cowboy. Trophy buckles on their best are proof that they know their way in the arena, so you can’t just wear any buckle.

A great recommendation would be a simple buckle with a design, rather than intials.

However, if you want to be creative, go with a custom belt buckle and have your own personal design or brand on it. And be sure to use it on a leather belt for more authenticity.

4. Pair it all with the Right Jeans

Signature western jeans will work well. Go for slightly baggy, comfortable jeans instead of skin-tight jeans.

cowboy with his wife

Since you’re wearing them with your boots, wear a length that doesn’t make your jeans sag at the bottom. Instead, they should just stack a bit and cover the tops.

If you already have a pair of jeans but they don’t have that perfect look, go to the dry cleaners and get a heavy starch. That’ll do the trick!

5. Buy the Classic Cowboy Shirt

A simple classic button-down shirt with long-sleeves, that’s what you want. There are many western shirts out there but if you want to put some effort into your appearance, do some research on the different styles that the men used to wear.

Stay away from shirts with funky graphics and colors. Classic prints are your safest choice. And be sure to iron it. Nothing ruins the overall look more than a crinkled shirt.

Start Shopping!

Gold Mountain Trading has a special selection for you! Go ahead and check our collection of customized belt buckles, western hats and more and buy what you need!

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